Back to Scrappin!

I used to scrapbook like a maniac. I had an album filled with pages of my daughter for each year of her life, up to about 6 years old. Then, around that time I slowed down on scrapping for a few reasons–one of which was my health. As I’ve grown weaker, I haven’t been able to keep doing things like I’d like to, and sometimes it was so hard to scrapbook that I started to believe I had to give it up.

Time went by and I scrapped less and less. I still had all of my stuff–paper, embellishments, stamps, tools, etcetera–but it became more and more buried in the foreign land of our ‘spair-oom’ (Chronicles of Narnia). Thinking about digging through all that stuff to get to my scrapbook collection made me not even want to do it.

More time went by and one day I just needed to craft. I got out that little stash of felt that we all have, leftovers from our kids’ craft projects, and I started making little animals. It was actually quite fun and a few turned out really cute. I said to myself “Self, you should put some of these on a scrapbook page.” I started to create tons of these little fabric embellishments and scrapbooking with them. Pretty soon I had more embellishments than I could use so I decided to sell them on Etsy . DSC08570

For awhile I got so wrapped up in making the embellishments that I didn’t scrapbook at all! I lost touch with it for over 2 years, and even though I sold a bunch on Etsy, I missed it so much. So, this last year I started up again and am so happy I did.

I keep thinking that I almost gave it up because I couldn’t do it like ‘normal’ people do. But, as with everything else in my life, I’ve adapted. I scrapbook every night in bed now. Yep, in bed. It ain’t easy sometimes, but it works for me. I’m excited to catch up on my albums, and little by little I am doing just that. I’ve realized how much I love the art, not just because it’s fun to do, but because by doing it I am telling a story. My daughter will have her whole life documented (is that a good thing?;) and she will see how much she means to me. Plus, I get to play with fun papers and embellishments and tools and…and…and…oh my all the loveliest stuff! That’s, like, half the fun!

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