Time for a Change

Do you ever just get tired of your day-to-day life? Ever find yourself in a rut? change page 3

When I made this page that is exactly where I was. I had been doing the same ol’ thing, day after day for way too long and I was bored. And even though I’m a person who likes a routine, I was ready for something different.

That’s why I titled this page ‘Time for a Change’. I’m in the process of making numerous changes in my life and creating this page was actually therapeutic. Journaling about it allowed me to really think about the direction I was heading and through it I ended up feeling like my decision was a good one. Who knew scrapbooking could be so healthy?

I normally never scrapbook about myself. I mean, like never. It’s almost always about my daughter, just like I’m sure most moms usually scrap about their children. But I realized that scrapbooking about myself could be a very valuable thing to my daughter, especially as she grows older. I can tell a story about myself for her even if I don’t think I’m a very interesting subject matter.

I used lots of different embellishments on this page, including some die cuts I cut out on my Silhouette machine. One was a bird that I cut from plain ol’ textured white cardstock and painted it with a really pretty, bright blue. I wanted to use it on this page but it was too bright so I used some brown Distress Ink to tone it down. I love how it turned out, it almost looks rusted. How fun?

This makes me think about the reason we scrapbook, which makes me think about the stories I want to tell, which makes me want to scrapbook, so I gotta go;)

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