Make Your Own Embellishments

Have you ever found yourself digging through your scrapbook embellishments and not finding anything that will work with your current project? That’s what I was doing last night and I decided I had to take matters into my own capable hands!

I decided to doodle some abstract flowers and use my watercolor paints to give them color. I looked on Pinterest to find some doodling inspiration and then put my own twist on them.

I have some paper from a Paper Studio pad that has a really cool texture, but I don’t like a lot of the patterns. It’s almost like fabric and has the neatest feel to it, so, I decided to use the white backside of  it. It turned out so cool!

drawings drawings 1

And even if you are not a great drawer, like myself, it doesn’t matter! The wonkier the better, especially once you add the water color. I like the look of water colors because it comes out not perfect. Sometimes it goes out of the lines and that’s ok! I like the way it’s darker in some areas and lighter in others, and I found that not trying to paint right up to the outline looked best.

I recommend that you paint them before cutting them out. I used my black Zig Writer pen so it didn’t smear when wet. I drew lots of doodles all over the 12×12 page and then painted them all at once. I like to make a bunch of embellishments at a time so I can add them to my collection and use them later.

What kind of embellishments do you make? Or, do you want to see me make something specific? Comment below.


  1. I flipped through my scrapbook album so that I could answer your question to the best of my ability heh. I make my own title sometimes, when my stash of stickers don’t fit the theme of my page, either drawing my own font or just simply my handwriting. I make my own hearts, just to make them the right size/colours I want them to be! A lot of my embellishments also come from store bought stamps, where I use the image on its own or turn them into a border. I use make my own patterned strips! I save the short strips from my photo paper that I have to tear off for every single photo, and they make nice surfaces for alcohol. Plus they have glossy surfaces! Well that’s all I guess. I’ll be sure to try out your doodled flowers some day 😉

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