Another Monochromatic Page, Blue on Blue

I had so much fun doing this layout! I had multiple pictures I wanted to include, which can sometimes be a messy situation. If you use lots of pictures, and lots of embellishments it can add up to be too much. And, although I like the ‘more is more’ look, not everyone does. So, I tried to hold myself back on one of the pages and on the other one I had a little embellishment party.

I had the idea of putting a strip down one side of the page and laying down a ton of embellishments on it. The strip is a really cool wave patterned paper, but a little busy and ‘themey’ if that’s a word. But I really like how it looks as a background. I looked through all my embellishments and pulled out anything that could be used with a blue water page. blue lake pic copy

I loaded up the embellishments on the first page in a collage sort of design. Only a few embellishments touched or overlapped though and I liked the background paper showing through. There is a tiny touch of yellow in two of the embellishments so I put them on opposite ends, and just that little bit broke up all the blue.

On the second page of the layout, I didn’t do much embellishing at all. I was afraid that the left page would be too heavy with all the embellishments so I made the right page with a darker, heavier background paper. The dark brown tree patterned paper gave it a lot of weight and I think it worked well with the pictures since we were in a lake surrounded by trees. Then I just added a journaling card and a little wood veneer boat and it was done. Simple and neat.

Here is a close up of the first page and all of the fun embellishments.

blue lake pic copy(1)

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