My Favorite Page Protectors


Aaaagh….I’m back to needing page protectors! I hate buying them because, well, they’re no fun. They aren’t like colorful, glittery, fun embellishments, but we need them nonetheless, don’t we? With all of the pages I’ve been making, I really need them. I probably have 25 pages sitting outside of albums, all un-protected and vulnerable, just sitting there scared and waiting to be slid into a nice, translucent home.

But, I’ve found over the years, not all page protectors ‘be the same mon’ (read that part with a Jamaican accent, mon). You have to buy good  ones for them to fit right. If you do it right, and wouldn’t ya know–I do, you can find them at a nice price.

I like K&Company 12×12 Page Protectors, because they work well for me. I don’t normally buy page protectors k&companyK&Company because I’m not usually crazy about the style of their embellishments and paper, but I have to say they make good quality stuff.

I also have an album from them, that I bought probably 13 years ago. It’s my best album, and I ain’t a-kiddin. So I went on the hunt for some good quality K&Company page protectors at a decent price, and again wouldn’t ya know, I found some.

I’m happy to say that the best deal I found was at You can see from the screenshot I took that they are currently on sale for $3.59 for 10, down from $5.99. This is actually cheaper by the piece than all the other page protectors I found on except for the ones I mention below.

Since it’s one of my favorite sites anyway, and since they are having a great shipping deal too, you know I’m gonna be stockin up. Right now you can get 30% off plus $3 shipping on all orders! Use code SHOP294. The 30% off won’t count on the page protectors because they are on sale. I wanted to take advantage of the deal so I looked for something at regular price and I found something else I need.

I also found another set of page protectors that I’m going to try because they are only $2.69 for 10, down from $4.49. They are from Memory Collections, but I’ve never tried them. We shall see!

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