Fabric Embellishments

Have you ever used fabric in your scrapbook layouts? Or even in your handmade cards and planners. I love fabric; the juxtiposition the fabric creates against to the paper is so fun. I like the softness of it that it adds.

One of my favorite things to do is make little embellishments of all kinds. I like to use paper and stickers, sure, those are fun, but I also like to use fabric and buttons, ribbons, beads, sequins, trims, lace, and lots more. I have made lots of these embellishments, so many that I started to sell them on Etsy.

I kept a lot too, and I love using them on my pages.dear santa page

I’ve made a ton of the Christmas trees like the ones on the page above, and they are almost as fun to make as they are to use on scrapbook pages. I’ve sold a bunch of these in my shop; in fact a lady just purchased a huge lot of them to put on her handmade Christmas cards.

But, you don’t need to purchase them from me, you can make your own! They’re so easy, and you probably have most of the supplies already.

There are three basic parts to the trees, which consist of some or all of the following, or something similar (see how specific I am?).


-green burlap

-green fabric

-green felt or wool

-green paper

-other colors and or patterns of the above if you don’t want to do traditional green (they would be cute in teal or even pink, or a combination, or….so many possibilities)


-brown ribbon

-brown rik-rak

-brown fabric

-ivory, gold, or tan in any of the above items

-any other color or pattern in the above items if you are not doing traditional browns

Pretty embellishments:




-flat back pearls, rhinestones, or other

-glitter glue




-thread and needle for stitching

There are so many fun possibilities. You can add buttons, brads, or flatbacks to look like ornaments. Or, you can do something totally abstract like wrapping it with twine. Or, you could do rows of rik-rak with dots of glitter glue all over. You can make little tiny trees, or great big ones that take up most of your page. You could make 10 of the same exact trees, or 10 different ones.

That’s what I love about making my own embellishments, you can do so many fun things.

Just a note, I like to use a no fray product, especially on burlap, so that my fabric embellishments don’t fray so much. Burlap really wants to fall apart when it’s cut into small pieces, so sometimes I will even put glue on the back to hold it together. If you have a really loose weave, you might even paint glue (any white glue) on the back before you cut it. My favorite two no fray products are Prym Dritz Fray Check Sealant and June Tailor Fray Block. I get them both at Joann Fabrics, you can get them online or in the store, but it’s probably at your local craft store too.

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