Mistake or Opportunity?

Have you ever snapped a picture and find out later that it’s precious, and could quite possibly be one of your all time favorites, except for something funky in the background that ruins it completely?

Me too. And in the past I have totally trimmed around the photo, cutting out the offending object in the background. But now it’s kind of a challenge. I don’t want to trim the photos all the time, because sometimes you would be cutting out part of the story. So instead what I try to do is cover up the bothersome part so I can enjoy the rest.

darling of my heart 2darling of my heart 1

These photos show you how sweet the pictures of my daughter are that I wanted to scrap. She’s 4 years old and has flower sunglasses on with her pink summer dress. These are some of my favorite pictures. Except in the background of this one is my brother-in-law squatting down next to a fence. And it’s not that I don’t like him or anything, he’s a really cool guy, but it didn’t go with my page.

So, I figured out a way I could do the title with letter stickers that would mostly cover him up. But you can see that his little head is sticking out between the D and the A of DARLING. Also, when I put the letters on I messed up the letter A. Now I needed to cover up his head and the messed up part of the sticker.

I grabbed one of my favorite things–sequins. I love them for so many reasons. (In fact, I found a really great deal on some earlier this week, read about it here.) I used a couple of the shiny little things to cover up his head and I used one as a sparkly bandaid for my maimed sticker.

darling of my heart 3

It worked like a charm and anyone looking at my scrapbook will never know that there was a problem.

I’ve heard it said that much of art is covering up mistakes, or something like that, and isn’t that so true? I don’t know about you, but there are lots of mistakes in my creations, most of them happily hiding behind something pretty.

How do you hide your mistakes? Do you know the quote about covering up mistakes in art? I’d love to hear it if you do. Comment below:)


  1. Not sure if it’s considered a quote but Julie Fei-Fan Balzer always say that there are no mistakes in art, only creative opportunities! Love how you covered it up and nobody will ever know if you didn’t tell them!

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