Working with Game Pieces

Do you like to use unconventional stuff in your scrapbooking or card making? I do, and if you haven’t tried it, you should.

One of the unconventional things I like to use is old game pieces. I really like the look and dimension they bring to a page, and they are a lot of fun to use. Also, if you get old games at thrift stores they can be super cheap. Or, if you have some games already on hand that you no longer play, that’s even better.

Bingo cards have been trending for awhile now, and I really like the look of them, but there are lots of other things to use too.

The thrift stores near me always have games, and lots of them. If you’re not a frequent 2nd-hand shopper, make sure you ask what the ‘color of the day’ is. Most thrift stores choose one color each week to mark down–usually 50%. Find a game with that color on it and there you go–even cheaper!

DSC07220Here is a picture frame I made from an old Bingo card. I bought an old Bingo game at a thrift store or yard sale a long time ago and I still have cards left. Plus, this particular game came with little plastic place markers that work well on pages, or handmade cards, too.

I also used some words I cut out of a magazine because I liked the whole random-things look. This Bingo card embellishment could work on a page, on a card, or even in a frame.

Here is another Bingo frame I made. This time I used fabric scraps and a pewter key charm to embellish it.DSC07231

Another cool thing about old games are the fun scorecards and instructions you can include in your  creations. Think about this next time you’re at a thrift shop!

Comment below about what kind of unconventional things you use in your scrapbooks!

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