MAMBI Kit Review–Today Is The Best

I recently bought a kit that I’ve been a little less than thrilled about. It’s the MAMBI Boxed Album 12×12 Kit–Today Is the Best, Pocket Pages.

mambi kitFirst off, I didn’t realize it was a pocket pages kit when I ordered it. So when I got it I was a little bummed, but I have decided to embrace it and do something a little different than is my normal. This doesn’t take anything away from the kit, though, since it was my error.

I love the colors and look of the kit, and I was super excited to get it in the mail. When I have a brand new kit ready to be unboxed I get totally amped up to see what is hiding in there.

As I took this kit apart I found all of the papers, cards, and stickers to be very thin. Normally that wouldn’t be an issue. But the tape and glue dots that held the pieces together were so sticky that as I tried to pull them apart, the thin stickers got all bent and the adhesive actually pulled the backing off of the stickers. Everything in the kit is very thin and easily tears.


You can see how the sheet of stickers started to come apart when I tried taking them out of their packaging. The glue and tape was so sticky! I was so frustrated by the time I got it apart, but I finally did.

The album is nice and big and seems to be good quality. I’m actually really happy about that. The cover is bright and colorful and looks great as is, but it could be easily embellished too.

Since I got this for a good price I don’t feel like it was a waste, even though I would only give it 3 stars out of 5. I did get a nice album with it and I’m happy to try doing some pocket pages, something new for me.

I had another issue with the items in this kit, but I’ll be writing another post about that later this week.

But, I still like the look of the products so I’m going to use them. I’ll be making some pages from this kit and sharing them too!

I got this kit from when it was on sale.

I’d love to see any pages you’ve made with this kit, or any comments as well.