Idea Bonus

Yesterday I wrote about a kit from MAMBI called Today is the Best. You can read my review here.

I found a couple of issues with the quality of the products in the kit. One of them had to do with the glittery items. The kit includes some 3×4 cards and some stickers that are glittery. They are so pretty but the glitter just gets everywhere.

glitter tape 2This frustrates me so much. There are pretty glitter papers and stickers that do not chip, but these are not that. The red and blue glitter was getting everywhere so I used some double sided tape to clean it up from the embellishments.

The tape picked it up great and then I noticed how pretty it was! There was so much glitter on the cards and stickers that I could rub the tape on it and it would still flake off. If I just dabbed with the tape it made a light layer, but if I rubbed the tape on them over and over it picked up a nice thick layer.

The pieces of tape were so pretty that I decided to use them on some pages. I’ll be sharing the pages later on.

After I cleaned the glittery embellishments up with the tape I went over them with a layer of Modge Podge, and the glitter chippage was no longer an issue.

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