Including Your Kiddos

When my daughter was little she was always wanting to scrapbook with me. I usually had some paper and stickers set aside for her to use and she had a ball.

painting pageShe also really liked to paint, so one time I handed her a 12×12 piece of white paper and some paint and she painted this picture. I asked her to write her name and date on it, and it turned out to be one of my favorite pages ever.

And if you let your little ones do a simple page like this, it will bring you so much joy each time you look through your album.

step ahead graduation page blurAnother way you can use your child’s artwork in your scrapbooks is to ask them to draw a picture of something and use it as an embellishment. I did that for this page, where I needed a graduation cap embellishment and I didn’t have one. I had her draw one for me and it works so great on this very simple page about her preschool graduation. (I’ve blurred out some details for privacy reasons).

I’ve occasionally¬†asked her to write a note about something she’s done or how she feels about something and used that on a page for journaling. Maybe I’ll share that another time.

I also used to give her blank canvases and let her paint on them. I’d give those as gifts for Christmas or birthdays and people really loved that. Since Christmas is coming up, that might be an idea for you!


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