Pages & Protectors

Have you ever put your newly finished, lovely, amazing scrapbook page that you are so proud of into a page protector in your album, just to find that the fit is so tight that it won’t lay flat? I hate that! Plus, when the page protector gets all tight across the page and bends it, there is a huge glare and you can’t even see the page. So frustrating.

Or, you go to look at an album that you’ve done in the past, and as you flip through your beautifully documented memories, you see that your left pages will not lay flat when you turn them.

Some pages are worse than others, and I think that is because not all 12×12 papers are the same size. It’s strange, but true.

Also, some page protectors are not as large as others. I’ve found some that I really like and so I use them most of the time, I wrote a post about them here. But, I like to try other ones sometimes if I find them on sale or clearance. I’ll try them and see if they work and if not I’ll use them for something else, like to store stickers, clear stamps, or other embellishments in. They are great for that, especially for those large or long embellishments (borders, etc.) that don’t fit neatly with the others.

But, yes, another but….if you just don’t want to mess with trying other protectors, and you have a page that has a little bit of extra room on the sides, you can trim them.

I did that this weekend. I was looking through an album and enjoying my memories when I noticed my left hand pages were starting to bend and be all funky. “Oh no you DINNIT” I thought and I slid the page out. I cut about 1/8 of an inch off of each side with scissors, and voila! The page went in like butta, it laid down flat like a nice little page should, and it didn’t give me any more trouble.

I felt so proud of myself for thinking of this novel idea, but then I looked at my shelf housing all of my 12 albums (a few of them overly full) and realized I may have a lot of trimming to do.

If you’ve purchased multiple brands of protectors, you probably notice the variances in size. So what I’m thinking of doing is looking through my albums and if I find any pages that are in the protector too tight but cannot be trimmed, I’ll move them into the larger protectors. I’ll move pages that can be trimmed into the smaller protectors.

This may sound like a lot of fussin’, but I spend so much time, energy and money on my pages, I want to store them correctly.

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