Too Much Documenting?

Do you feel like you have to document everything? I found myself doing that recently. It’s super important to me to take lots of pictures of my family, friends, get togethers and all that stuff. And as a scrapbooker I’m always thinking of a page I could do with the pictures I’m taking.

But recently it hit me that maybe I’m taking it too far.

For example, we got a new mattress in the mail after ordering it online, and it came all rolled up in a bag, almost like a sleeping bag. We all couldn’t believe it and thought it was so clever that I wanted to take a picture of it. My family doesn’t even ask anymore, they just let me do it.

But, as I looked back at my recent pictures, I saw those ones in particular and had to wonder: do I really need pictures of a new mattress? I can’t see how that would ever be needed. Should I scrapbook about it? I think that would be taking it even further into crazy-town. Especially considering that I have boxes of pictures of my family that I really need to get into albums.

I also caught myself wanting to take pics of my husband and I doing the whole Santa thing this year when we filled up the stockings and put some unwrapped gifts out. But, thankfully, I thought about it and decided that, for me, having pictures would take some of the mystery out of it. What do you think?

I’ve decided that there are some things that just don’t need to be captured on film. But don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to take lots of pictures. But I’m also going to feel ok about just enjoying some moments and not feeling like I have to record it.



  1. I totally agree with you! I had several years of photos backlog and only managed to clear them in recent months. As I look at the kind of photos I used to take, it was just so overwhelming and I am glad that I have reduced the amount of photos I take and it made everything so much better! I also don’t document every photo I take, only some, and the rest of them usually go to social media e.g. photos like your mattress

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