Is Google Photos in Your Tool Box?

google photos rediscoverI’ve been thinking about writing a love letter to Google. Sounds silly, right? But that one site has done so much for me. I’ve learned more from Google than I ever did in school; I’ve purchased some things over others because of ratings and prices to which they’ve alerted me; and in the past few months I have found another aspect of the site that has become my favorite: Google Photos.

Google Photos is terrific for scrapbookers for many reasons. Today I was reminded of this when the Assistant tool told me to Rediscover this day, 2014. It brought up pictures from exactly two years ago. It does this often and for many years ago, depending on how far back the pictures on your devices go.

All you have to do is install Google Photos to your computer and your smartphone and then all the pictures you have on your computer you can also access on your phone and vice versa.

So, sometimes I’ll open it up and see the sweet face of my daughter as a wee little girl. She’s 15 now, and beautiful, so photos of her as a little bitty thing instantly put a smile on my face.

The Assistant will remind you about things you were doing 1, 2, 3, or even 10 years ago! Plus, any time you take a picture with your phone, it updates on your computer right away too. Likewise, when you download photos from, say, an SD card or digital camera, it updates on Google Photos too! That part is priceless to me.

Not only can you have all your photos with you wherever you go, but if you’re scrapbooking photos that you printed long ago and can’t remember when they were taken, just look them up. Google will tell you the date.

Plus, the search tools are insane. Search by face, date, or keyword. Have a horse in the picture you are looking for? Type ‘horse’ into the search bar. Take pictures in Wyoming? Type in Wyoming. Want to make a collage about your child laughing? Type in laugh. Amazing right? I think so.

You can also edit your pics on Google, and when you do that they are edited on all devices. Delete them from the app, they’re deleted from all devices. Convenient much?

This could save so much space on your computer or phone if you choose to just leave them on Google and not download them to your devices. Personally I choose to keep multiple copies, but you don’t have to.

And, when you are going through your thousands of photos (if you’re like me you have that many) and find some you want to have printed, just download them to your device. There are many ways you can have them printed from there. (My personal choice is Snapfish.) You can also share your photos directly from Google photos too, of course.

The last reason why I love Google Photos is because it is free. Amazing right? You can choose to purchase more storage, which I have done, but you really get a lot of space for free. You really won’t need to purchase space, but I do that so I have one more layer of protection for all my pics.

I love Google for many reasons, and Google Photos is one of the best. If one of your resolutions for the year is to organize your photos this is a great tool! Or, if you just want to get more scrapbooking done, this is a great place to start.

If you already use the app and love it too, let me know!

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