Re-Do or OK?

Do you ever scrap-lift and decide you don’t like it? You see a great page on Pinterest or in a magazine and you think “I can make that,” but it doesn’t turn out the same?

I did that with this page and it makes me sad. I know I say this a lot about pictures of my daughter, but these are some of my favorites. And being that they are, I had been saving them for just the right scrapbook page.

So, I looked through Pinterest and found some pages I really liked. I loved the look of multiple, colorful paper strips behind the pictures so that’s what I tried.

But when I was finished I realized that I didn’t much like how it turned out. It has become one of those pages that I stare at every now and then, wondering if I should re-do it. Would that be silly?

It’s not a terrible page, but is it special enough for the pictures? I can’t decide. Do you ever have this issue?running thru sprinklers 1

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