Cover Ups

1231152206bDo you have any supplies that you don’t really like, but that you don’t want to waste either? That was my conundrum I had with these chipboard letters. I’ve had them forever because I just really don’t like to use animal prints much. They came with a huge lot of other letters that I bought years ago and I finally figured out how I can use them.

I have thought about painting 1231152208athem many times, but have only ever tried acrylic. I thought that would work since it’s opaque and offers nice coverage. But, unless I used a shade much darker than the pattern on the letter, it wouldn’t cover.

One of my new favorite things, though, is gesso. And, to my utter delight, gesso works to cover up the bold zebra print of 1231152224the letters. The gesso I used is …., and works perfectly. I did have to use a couple of layers, but if you use thin coats it dries really quickly.

Gesso is great because it’s opaque enough to cover up even the darkest colors and patterns. I used Dina Wakley gesso in white on these letters. It’s a great primer for paint or glue, and the gesso I used goes on very smoothly.

1231152258bNow that they are all covered, you can decorate them. That’s the funnest part! I used watercolor paints, which created a variance in depth. But, acrylic paint would probably work better. You could also use inks like spray ink, India ink, and even markers to draw fun doodles. Or, you could decoupage them with dictionary pages or magazine images.

There’s lots of ways you can embellish these letters, and the most fun is trying all of them!







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