Mixed Media

mixed media art
Artist unknown, if you know, please tell me!

I’ve always loved looking at others’ mixed media creations, and I like to watch YouTube videos about it too. I’ve wanted to try my hand at it for awhile, for a long while actually. But, to be honest, it scares me. Random seems so easy, but it is not at all. Random is way harder than structured.


The most intimidating thing about mixed media, to me, was all the products people were using. What are the main ingredients you need to start? I watched some more YouTube videos and decided I wanted to start with texture, color, and shapes.

So I started with the following for texture: gel medium, texture paste, gesso, pallette knives. For color I got some india ink, water colors, gelatos, glitter and homemade alcohol ink. For shapes and images I cut out some stencils on my Silhouette Cameo.

I got a mixed media notebook and surrounded myself with my art supplies. I was so excited to start…but I just stared at all my stuff. I didn’t know where to begin. Do you ever have that problem?

My plan was to get an art journal, get all the supplies, make a few fun pages, and share them with my readers. Well, I did try that, but I am still stuck. It’s almost like writer’s block, and I’m still not sure what to do. I know eventually my creativity will kick in and I’ll be able to do something. I made a Pinterest board with all kinds of wonderful mixed media projects, including the beautiful piece in the photo (I could not find out who created it), but I fear that I can’t make anything close to what I found.

Any ideas or suggestions would be great! I’d love to hear your stories about mixed media or anything you’ve been afraid to start.

List of supplies I used: found all on DickBlick.com

Liquitex Clear Gesso

Golden Gel Medium Extra Heavy

Ranger Texture Paste



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