Bio: Life for me moves at a slower pace than it does for others. While my mind always runs at the pace of a leopard, my body moves more like a sloth. Most of my energy is spent with my body trying to keep up with my mind. I have Muscular Dystrophy and it really slows me down. I also have a few shops on Etsy and I spend my days creating. I love to scrapbook, and most of my creations are meant to end up in a scrapbook or journal project. I also do some hand stitching, some needle felting, and some embroidery. I have lots of creative juices running through me and I fear I'll never have enough time to use them all. But, I finally talked my husband, Ben, into creating with me. He and I have opened up another shop on Etsy and I love working with him. I design the projects and he builds them. He creates awesome home decor and furniture from reclaimed wood. He repurposes old weathered or used wood and makes it into wonderful creations. Our lives are not like others in many ways. We have to work together and we have to work at home because I need almost constant care. So, we try to adapt and overcome each obstacle in our lives, everyday doing our best to stay positive and grow in love.

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